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Aloe Vera vs Water

What goes into your skin care?

Do you know what you are putting on your face? Have you ever checked to see the ingredients used in your daily skin care? Did you know that water is the main ingredient used in most skin care brands?

What makes Aloe the perfect choice for your skin?

  • Preserves: Nourishes the cells with moisture, leaving you with baby-soft skin.
  • Penetrates: Absorbs into the dermis naturally, paving the way for other natural ingredients to do their work on your skin both inside and out.
  • Balances: Acts as a natural humectant, giving you beautiful skin.
  • Protects: Provides full immune function to cells, leaving you with a radiant glow.
  • Anti-Inflammatory: To reduce blemishes on the skin, assist with redness and provide soothing properties.

Unique Grace Cosmetics Formulations

We are proud of our unique Grace Cosmetics formulations. The perfect balance of nature and technology, free of chemicals and pesticides. We are committed to combining effective ingredients to make luscious formulations that are unparalleled on the market place.

All Grace Cosmetics Products are based on the incredible benefits of certified organic aloe vera. We understand what women want in skin care; to look in the mirror and see and feel results. With Grace Cosmetics, you can be confident that every time with every application you will see a better, lasting result, giving a gorgeous complexion…Happy skin, happy you!

We know that our formulations would be nowhere near as good without this highly beneficial ingredient and we wanted to make sure that our customers receive the best for their skin. With the finest natural and botanical ingredients sourced from only the highest quality manufacturers, our dynamic team of scientists are committed to providing the best products by combining science with the best Mother Nature has to offer.

The Facts

  • Water cannot penetrate into your skin naturally.
  • Water is a filler used to increase the milliliters of skin care. It has no effect on the other ingredients used.
  • Water is a cheap and abundant substitute. Most people can't tell the difference unless they have tried aloe vera based skin care.
  • Aloe vera is a key ingredient for skin care with incredible benefits for your skin. When combining certified organic aloe vera with natural and botanical ingredients, you can be assured that your skin is getting the very best it deserves.