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Your Guide to Choosing the Right Foundation Shade

We believe our foundation is the last step in your skincare routine. Our water soluble and aloe vera based foundation with SPF has been designed with your skin health in mind. It’s lightweight AND provides full coverage. Doesn’t clog pores AND actually provides healing for imperfections!

How do I know if I’m rose or gold shade?

Decide whether your skin has pink undertones or yellow. If you answered pink - explore the rose range. Yellow undertones, gold is your range! If you are a mixture of both, try the Rose Gold.

I have no idea which number I am… Where do I start?

Start at the middle tone and either go lighter or darker. For example, start with Gold 2. If your skin tone is a little bit darker, go for Gold 3. If it is a bit lighter, go for Gold 2. Same goes for the Rose range.

I’m struggling to choose between 2 shades. Which one should I choose?

If you are tossing up between 2 shades, why not get them both and mix them! Did you know most people are a blend between 2 shades? This is because generally your skin tone is naturally darker in summer and lighter in winter. Good news is - you'll be stocked up for twice as long!

If you are still uncertain, our team of skincare experts are here to help! Just send us a DM, email us, or call us anytime.

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