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Grace for Babies

Babies bring joy and happiness into our world! The new life, learning and sweetness they bring is unlike anything our hearts experience. Their delicate fingers, little noses and soft fresh skin is something we wish we could roll up in bubble wrap to protect forever! Although we can’t protect our babies with such a tactic, there are still great ways we can take care of their skin. The best way to do that is naturally.

Because babies' skin is so delicate, it is more prone to skin irritations like itchiness, flaking, rashes and chafing. But, we have a solution for it all. Take care of your little loves delicate skin with gentle and effective all natural, Australian made skincare. We promise 100% natural ingredients, no sulphates or toxins, cruelty free and full of organically grown aloe vera. It may not be bubble wrap, but it is the next best thing!

Here are the products we suggest for babies and what they are good for:

Aloe Body Wash
Botanical gel for bathtime tickles

Our gentle body wash formula will cleanse and hydrate whilst protecting the natural oils in your baby’s sensitive skin. Formulated with natural botanical ingredients, including organically grown aloe vera, honey, kakadu plum and green tea extract.

  • Hydrates your baby’s skin, preventing dryness
  • pH balanced formula suitable for babies, children and the whole family
  • Paraben, sulphate and soap free
  • Low allergen

  • Vital Skin Oils
    Botanical oils to soothe and relax

    Our beautiful blend of natural and botanical oils provide calming and soothing effects, perfect for adding to your baby’s bath water and for after bath massaging. Vital Skin Oils will replenish essential vitamins to young, developing skin with organically grown aloe vera, safflower seed oil, jojoba seed oil and vitamins A, E & D3. Apply and massage through your baby’s scalp to treat cradle cap.

  • Excellent for sensitive skin, dermatitis, eczema, cradle cap and stretch marks
  • Promotes cell growth
  • Soothes redness and irritated skin
  • Water soluble and pH neutral, suitable for babies and children

  • Aloe Hand & Body Lotion
    All over cream for yummy, soft skin

    Carefully formulated with organically grown aloe vera, vitamin A, D3, E and soybean oil, Aloe Hand & Body Lotion softens and nourishes your baby’s delicate skin. Excellent after bath time and gentle enough to use morning and night. Apply at each nappy change to protect from nappy rash and repair sore red skin.

  • Excellent for dry and sensitive skin
  • Paraben and sulphate free
  • Low allergen

  • Aloe Medicated Skin Cream
    Topical remedy to soothe the itching & stop the tears

    Provides soothing relief for a wide range of skin concerns including nappy rash, cradle cap, bites, minor burns and skin irritations. Natural ingredients including organically grown aloe vera, vitamin E, apricot oil and safflower oil also help to hydrate and protect your baby’s young, sensitive skin. Listed with the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration.

  • Relieves the discomfort of nappy rash, cradle cap, eczema and dermatitis
  • Provides relief from itchy, red rashes
  • Soothes redness of sunburn or windburn

  • Aloe Gel with Manuka Honey
    Therapeutic relief for your baby’s skin concerns

    Our organically grown aloe vera provides essential minerals, vitamins, enzymes, amino acids and polysaccharides for young, healthy skin. Our 100% pure manuka honey has a unique, non-peroxide activity to control infections and inflammations whilst soothing and comforting your baby.

  • Excellent for nappy rash, cradle cap, eczema and dermatitis
  • Reduces the redness of sunburn, windburn and many other minor burns
  • Contains antiseptic properties which clear and soothe itchy rashes and skin irritations

  • Aloe Body Powder with Lavender
    Absorb excess moisture for smooth, fresh skin

    A natural, gentle blend including organically grown aloe vera, cornstarch and oat flour to absorb excess moisture. Provides a protective layer over your baby’s skin for everyday freshness. The soothing scent of lavender eliminates odours and encourages relaxation.

  • 100% free from talc
  • No parabens or sulphates
  • Reduces friction and chafing around the nappy area
  • Instantly protects and freshens
  • Soothing lavender scent

  • While caring for your baby’s skin does require a little extra effort, there’s nothing quite like sweet-smelling, squishy, scrumptious skin to put a smile on your baby’s face… and yours.

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    Aloe Body Wash A blend of Aloe Vera and citrus extracts clean the body without drying or irritating the skin.
    Vital Skin Oils This treatment botanical oil replaces essential vitamins your skin requires for rapid repair.
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    Aloe Hand & Body Lotion (bottle) Moisturise, protect and soften with pure botanicals and potent antioxidants.
    Aloe Medicated Skin Cream Powerful topical treatment that provides relief for symptoms of skin irritations & mild psoriasis and promotes skin repair.
    Expiration Date: March 2025
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    Aloe Gel with Manuka Honey A highly concentrated, all natural cooling and soothing gel that restores skin health.
    Aloe Body Powder Talc-free body powder with Lavender keeps you fresh and comfortable all day.


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