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Skin Purging

Are you breaking out or is your skin just purging?

There are many reasons for pesky breakouts like hormones, diet or excess oil production. But one reason you may not have considered is - skin purging.

When you start a new skincare product like a mask, it can sometimes cause you to break out rather than solving all your problems. This is commonly known as skin purging. Important to note not everyone experiences skin purging, but if you do use a new product and are wondering why breakouts are happening you’re in the right place. We will help you get to the bottom of what skin purging is, what causes it and how to solve it.

Why is my skin purging?

Skin purging can happen when you start using an active ingredient that you have never tried before. In our formulas, we only use natural AND cosmeceutical ingredients. Certain cosmeceutical actives, such as alpha-hydroxy acids, promote fast cell turnover that allows skin to self regulate and rebalance. The newly rapid cell turnover creates more dead cells on the skin’s surface than it’s used to. This increases the chance of your pores clogging and causing breakouts. But don’t be alarmed, in the long run, these types of ingredients actually reduce breakouts. Your skin just needs time to get used to it.

Purging is temporary and the benefits outweigh a week or two of pimples.

Also, a new active formula can help bring out what was already taking place under the skin surface. If you’ve had small pimples that would never go away, it’s probably because they were lying dormant underneath the skin’s surface. Active ingredients can purify, detoxify and release toxins trapped in deeper layers of the skin. Purging can last a few weeks, but once your skin releases all underlying impurities, you will see incredible results.

It is worth sticking out.

How do I solve skin purging?

There is good news and bad news! We will give you the bad news first, skin purging will take its own course and it is difficult to speed up or stop altogether. So what should you do? Our experts recommend that you stick with it. Stay diligent and keep using the product for a few more weeks to allow your skin to completely detoxify and get used to the active ingredients.

To minimise reaction, accompany the new product in your routine with products that you already use. Add your new highly active products into your routine slowly until your whole routine is natural and cosmeceutical. This will assist in keeping the rest of your routine normal and minimise purging.

The good news? Purging is temporary and the benefits outweigh a week or two of pimples. The benefits of powerful, cosmeceutical, active ingredients will transform your skin. We hope this helps to clear things up for you (and your skin!).


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