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Adore Eau De Parfum

Adore Eau De Parfum

Inspired by the elegance of a rose

This enchanting fragrance mixes notes of fresh blackcurrant, vanilla and rose creating a decadent celebration of beauty that dances on the skin.


Inspired by the elegance of a rose adorned with morning dew. This enchanting fragrance blends notes of fresh blackcurrant, warm vanilla and white musk into a delightful bouquet. At the heart, sweet rose and jasmine dance on the skin.

Adore is to be adored. The beautiful first floral rose notes are simply enchanting with a follow up of vanilla and jasmine leave a refreshing and long lingering lightness of the perfume. So great to have a Eau de Parfum in the fragrances. Janet - Rutherglen Victoria
Absolutely “adore” this perfume. It lasts all day and night and everyone comments on how good I smell. Susan - Gold Coast