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Lavender Body Bar
Lavender Body Bar Lavender Body Bar

Lavender Body Bar

Soap-free body bar naturally scented with calming lavender


SKIN CONCERN: Sensitivity, Irritation & Itchiness

Looking for a natural alternative to soaps filled with harsh chemicals and perfumes? Enrich your shower or bath experience with the calming aromas of lavender and essential oils of the Lavender Body Bar. This mild, soap-free body bar is naturally scented with calming lavender to deeply cleanse your skin without stripping the skin of its natural moisture. Take care of the whole family with this gentle, ph neutral formula that is totally free of harsh soaps, parabens and sulphates.

Rich botanical oils in this nourishing body bar provide a soothing cleansing experience ideal for all skin types - especially sensitive skin. The natural oils of aloe vera, palm, coconut, sunflower and lavender give a refreshing cleanse. Coconut oil is used as a lubricant to soften the skin, whilst lavender oil has deep cleansing abilities and a fragrance that has a soothing, calming effect. This luxurious body bar is filled with only natural, botanical ingredients and absolutely no nasties like caustic soda. Deeply cleanse the skin while feeling refreshed and revitalised with the Lavender Body Bar!


“This body bar is so great, it makes your skin feel really refreshed and the lavender scent makes you feel really relaxed”

How To Use:

Lavender Body Bar

Step 1. Dampen body bar then lather and massage onto damp skin using circular motions.
Step 2. Enjoy the calming aromas of lavender and essential oils as you deeply cleanse and purify the skin.
Step 3. Rinse thoroughly and follow with the Aloe Hand & Body Lotion for the complete body self-care treatment.

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