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Beat the Breakouts

One thing that we can all agree on is that it can be so frustrating when we get those pesky breakouts and we have no idea why. Sometimes it’s a little bit too much chocolate, hormones or a change in seasons - but other times it can feel like one of life’s greatest mysteries.

We expose 3 hidden reasons why your skin might be breaking out.

1. You aren’t cleaning your makeup brushes regularly

This may seem obvious but ask yourself, when WAS the last time you cleaned your brushes?

Dirty makeup brushes can harbour bacteria, oil and makeup residue that can be so harmful to your skin health. Think about your makeup brushes accumulating all of these nasties over time, then being transferred onto your skin - this can lead to clogged pores, breakouts and congested skin.

While we’re on the topic of makeup… Have a look at what foundation you are using. This can also be another common cause of breakouts! Our Grace Aloe Oil-Free Foundation is a light-weight, full-coverage foundation that looks good and is good for your skin. Plus, it’s fully water soluble so cleaning your brushes often will be no problem at all as you just rinse it at the end of the day!

2. You aren’t exfoliating at least once a week

Let’s be honest, exfoliation is the step we all know we need but don’t always do often enough.

Exfoliation is essential for removing dead skin cells, preventing clogged pores and for your overall skin health.

We have two incredible all-natural and aloe vera based exfoliators for you to choose from. Our Infiniti Beauty Fluids is a unique exfoliating serum that uses the power of fast-acting, natural AHAs to constantly and gently dissolve dead skin cells. The Infiniti Facial Scrub utilises plant based micro-granules to effortlessly lifts away dead skin cells, unclogs & refines pores and brightens skin tone.

Can’t choose between our two exfoliators? We don’t blame you… The good news is you can use both!

3. You don’t wash your pillowcase frequently

Overnight your skin goes through an excretion process (think oils, dirt and impurities). Your pillowcase often cops the worst of this!

In saying all of this, remember that we’re all human and breakouts are completely normal. So, don’t panic and always stay consistent with your skincare routine!

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