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The Ultimate Sensitive Skin Solution

Sensitive skin can vary from dry, itchy, irritated skin, to more serious conditions such as eczema, dermatitis and rosacea. At Grace, we understand that having sensitive skin can make it difficult for you to find skincare without fear of a reaction or hypersensitivity. That's why we have created our Sensitive Skin range, just for you!

Your sensitive skincare routine should focus on retaining moisture, which makes Aloe Vera the perfect ingredient as it is highly nourishing and extremely gentle. Our Sensitive Skin Basics is your perfect first stop on the journey to healthy, nourished skin. If you are ready to take your skincare up a level, then the Sensitive Skin Plus is the set for you.

Sensitive Skin Basics

Your skincare routine should always include the basics. Once you have the daily building blocks solidified, add in your treatment products. Treatment products accelerate your skin rejuvenation, but they will not be as effective without your basics. Here are three simple, yet transformative steps designed to bring your skin back to its healthiest core.

Step 1. Aloe Foaming Cleanser: Break down excess oils and impurities with this all natural, bio-active face wash.
Step 2. Aloe pH Freshener: Restore your skin's natural pH levels and refine pores with this nutrient-rich botanical facial mist.
Step 3. Infiniti-C Moisturiser: Deeply nourish and hydrate your skin with this lightweight moisturiser enriched with Vitamin-C.
Sensitive Skin Plus

Ready to level up your skincare game and accelerate your skin transformation? Here's your basic three-step with your treatment product added, the Vital Skin Oils.

Step 1. Sensitive Skin Basics: The three-step routine for sensitive skin.
Step 2. Vital Skin Oils: Renew visibly dry or stressed skin with this powerful recovery concentrate.

"My skin is super sensitive & can get quite dry now - so using gentle, natural products has helped my skin maintain moisture & the Aloe Vera used in the products minimises irritation that can occur easily while using such a strong medication. I honestly couldn't speak more highly of this brand, the team behind it & their products." Elise - NSW

Featured Products

Sensitive Skin Basics Our formulas are pH neutral with soothing botanicals to comfort the skin, eliminate redness, reduce inflammation & treat troubled areas. Aloe Foaming Cleanser purifies, Aloe pH Freshener refines pores, Infiniti-C Moisturiser provides lasting nourishment.
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Now $126.90
Sensitive Skin Plus Your everyday routine for sensitive skin starts with the basics: Aloe Foaming Cleanser, Aloe pH Freshener and the Infiniti-C Moisturiser, and is taken to the next level with the Vital Skin Oils.
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Now $165.15


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