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Aloe Foaming Cleanser
Aloe Foaming Cleanser Aloe Foaming Cleanser Aloe Foaming Cleanser Aloe Foaming Cleanser Aloe Foaming Cleanser

Aloe Foaming Cleanser

Multi-Action Purifying Cleanser

SKIN TYPE: All, especially normal to oily

SKIN CONCERN: Sensitivity, oily skin, breakouts

Botanical, bio-active formula rich in organic aloe vera and vitamins to effectively break down excess oils, impurities and remove all traces of makeup. The Aloe Foaming Cleanser is the perfect daily foaming facial cleanser that is gentle on sensitive skin yet powerful enough to effectively purify and revitalise the skin, without stripping vital moisture. Cleansing is the essential first step towards healthy, re-energised skin.

The powerful combination of organically grown aloe vera, vitamins A, B & E, herbal extracts of cucumber, citric acid and jojoba oil creates a beautifully light and refreshing foaming face wash. Jojoba oil dissolves even the most stubborn waterproof eye makeup, while the antioxidants from cucumber and green tea calm irritation and soothe the skin. This antibacterial formula treats blemishes and prevents oil build up while gently cleaning and rebalancing the skin to ensure your skin maintains a proper level of moisture and hydration.


"This is definitely one of my favourite products! Perfect for removing all traces of makeup. It's gentle enough for my sensitive skin and leaves my face feeling fresh! Love it!"

How To Use:

Aloe Foaming Cleanser

Step 1. Squeeze a grape-size amount of product into your fingertips.
Step 2. Using upward and outward motions, massage the Aloe Foaming Cleanser all over your face, even over your eyes.
Step 3. Remove with warm, wet face cloth and watch your skin look and feel instantly clean and refreshed.
Step 4. Continue with the rest of your daily Grace routine.

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