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Sea Salt Scrub
Sea Salt Scrub Sea Salt Scrub Sea Salt Scrub Sea Salt Scrub

Sea Salt Scrub

Invigorating, Total Body Exfoliating Balm


SKIN CONCERN: Dullness, Irritation, Uneven Skin Tone & Dehydration

Give your body the ultimate spa-like treatment with this rich, natural exfoliating balm that uses sea salt particles to deeply clean and lift away dead skin cells. The Sea Salt Scrub is an absolute divine experience that will leave your skin smooth, soft, radiant and begging for more. Reveal your healthiest, glowiest complexion without stripping or drying out your skin with this gentle and hydrating formula. For the full, luxury spa experience use the Sea Salt Scrub with our Essential Oils! You’ll be in skin heaven.

Feel smooth, smell fresh and look glowing with this luxury scrub rich in pure botanicals, natural oils and fruit extracts. The hero ingredient in this formula, sea salt works overtime to deeply cleanse, exfoliate and smooth while soothing and providing relief with its anti-inflammatory properties. This skin transforming formula also uses a range of botanical oils like rosehip, peppermint, grape seed and soybean alongside essential oils of lavender, tea tree and lemon.


“It truly is a spa treatment in your own home”

How To Use:

Sea Salt Scrub

Step 1. Apply a generous amount to wet hands, feet and body.
Step 2. Rub in circular motions to exfoliate and bask in the heavenly scent that will transport you to the oceanside!
Step 3. Remove with a warm, wet cloth and rinse with water.
Step 4. Follow with the Essential Oils for the full at-home spa treatment. The Sea Salt Scrub and Essential Oils duo is absolute luxury!

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